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The opening speech of the MGOU chain store

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Zhang Guoxiang, a famous Chinese expert in process management, expert in corporate standardized management, and shareholder and management consultant of Ningbo Hengzhou trading co., LTD.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and friends:

Good afternoon!

Today is May Day, a festival of laboring people around of the world, and a red-letter day for the opening of Beilun Yintai shuo, Jiangdong Oushang and Zhoushan Dinghai of MGOU. On this festive moment, I would like to express my warming welcome to shareholders and all the staff and sincere gratitude to everyone ob behalf of Ningbo Hengzhou trading co., LTD.

It has special meaning for MGOU to open a business in May Day. Each May Day in the following years will be business anniversary of MGOU. Business anniversary of MGOU is a festival of friends in Beilun and Ningbo. We advocate for simplicity, fashion, health and environmental protection, and we provide products of low price and high quality to the public. We negotiate with alliance 

businesses and partners. We provide products made in China and boutiques of China to the public. We welcome people to shop here and welcome people to have a walk, to have a look, to drink coffee or tea, to make friends and to discuss life here. We welcome old people to relax themselves and have a sightseeing here, welcome children to observe the society here, welcome white-collar workers to discuss work here, and welcome young people talk love here.

We believe that we will go further and longer with your trust. We have decided to make MGOU the first channel for products made in China go to the world. We choose to start in Ningbo since it is a land of plenty and has outstanding people, and it has been a trading port for China to to the world since ancient times. We believe we will be more determined to to a manufacturer and provider of boutiques of China with your support. It is the time we go to the world when the brand of MGOU enjoys popular support.

We make preparations for chain marketing company of living goods with a grateful attitude. We are grateful for this great era to make China have a chance to to in line with the world. We are grateful for hardworking Chinese people to manufacture numerous delicate products to make us collect products with low price and high quality. We are grateful for the enthusiasm of the common people to the country to make us sell Chinese products boldly. And we are grateful for intelligence and wisdom of people of Ningbo to make us found a great company which can have an influence on the whole world in the future.

Staff of MGOU will provide safe and satisfying services to all customers with highest standards and best state. If you are not satisfied, please tell us at once. And if you are satisfied, please tell your friend. We require our staff be enthusiastic as airline stewardesses and sincere as dutiful sons. It is a basic duty of each staff to provide super services to customers. We welcome your presence and your criticism as well. We expect your care and your pushing. It will be our pride and your glory if we realize our vision - MGOU goes to the world.

Thank you for your presence and your support. And thank you for accompanying us to grow together. 




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