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Achievements and experiences of corporate operation

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- speech in the start up meeting about corporate operation of the Ningbo Qilin trading group

Good morning, everyone. My name is Zhu Xiayan. All people here must be elites in foreign trade, right? You can call me CICI, ABC, C to make it easy to remember.


Presently, I am the general manager of the commodity center in Ningbo Hengzhou trading co., LTD. Yesterday, one of my colleague told me that there would have a meeting today and asked to to share something here. I asked what should I share. My colleague said, “benefits of corporate operation”.


Then, we should I share with you?


I would like to talk about my growth and experience here in the past half year.


My first work was to follow orders and deal with orders in a clothing foreign trade company. The boss who interviewed me was very arrogant, and he told me, “it is not because of your class adviser, we would not employ graduating students like you”. Okay, after listening this words, I decided to work harder than other people. I worked like a horse and worked till 11 o’clock at night each day. Everyday, I would dispose all the emails and arranged works of the next day. About one month later, my boss asked me to change my post with my master and she would be my assistant. I was shocked and wondered whether I had made any mistakes and he would like to fire me. I did not know what happened until I walked out of the office of my boss. I was promoted! In a month, I was directly promoted from an intern to a supervisor with assistants, which had shocked the whole company. Besides my efforts, there was another important reason. Do you want to know?


My boss was a super workaholic. He started as a salesman, thus he was good at opening up business. However, he did know nothing about corporate operation. Besides opening up business everyday, his another important work was to supervise staff to work. He found that I was an exception. When he observed me secretly, he found I would never care about whether the boss was here or not, and I was totally voluntary to work overtime. He saw hope in me since he was crazy each time when he found some employees loafed on the job when he was absent. Without doubt, I was super strong in professional study. To quoted words of my boss, “comprehension is good”. At that time, I understood that to be a boss was a really hard job since he must supervise others besides finishing his own work.


After I became a supervisor, a lot of problems followed close on another. My assistant, my supervisor before, did not listen to me. I was distressed, but no one could tell me what should I do. I was so poor, and at that time, I did not know Mr. Zhang, thus I assumed work of two people. I was so busy during that period of time. Sometimes, I would like to fancy what if I was Sun Wukong. In that way, there would be another me if I pull out one hair. My boss also realized that senior workers would not follow me since I was too young, thus he brought me a new assistant who just graduated from school. However, the situation did not improve since I did not know how to lead people, let alone a group.


There had a lot of problems. I did not know whether managers here had experienced these before:


1. Energetic but cannot use it;

2. Results expected cannot be realized by subordinates;

3. Subordinates were not active and they were not willing to cooperate;

4. Always cleared up messy situations and went where had problems;

5. As busy as dogs but without efficiency......


I was so exhausted that I decided to resign. My boss tried hard to retain me and he also expressed his confusions:


1. Talents would not like to stay;

2. To be a boss was really hard

3. It was often hard to find good performance appraisal methods;

4. Staff had bad executive force;

5. Busy everyday but performance became bad day by day...


I do not know whether bosses here have been confronted with similar problems.


At the end of 2014, I got to know Mr. Zhang Guoxiang through manager Zhang of Hengzhou Company. At that time when manager Zhang introduced Mr. Zhang to me, I was confused. I became suspicious after the several years work and meeting various professors and instructors.


Is Mr. Zhang that excellent. Can he solve problems of many entrepreneurs and bosses?


When the company was founded, I was the first employee. Mr. Zhang taught me to drew flow charts. And suddenly, I realized flow chart was something good since it would make clear orders of affairs. If flows have been optimized and well managed, does there have a company that cannot be managed. Oh, my god. Such a difficult problem was solved all at once. It was inconceivable for me.


For a long time, performance of many companies could not be improved. Bosses are tired and they owed the problems to bad executive forces of staff. However, they did not even find out the source of the problems. In fact, various complex and low efficiency work flows have restricted performance of staff and affected work efficiency. Common inefficiency or useless flows like repeated signing, repeated examinations and approvals, instructions, reports, troubles out of nothing, endless waiting and meetings without results wasted time of staff and corporate cost, weakened wisdom of staff, and hindered corporate operation.


The company attracted many like-minded colleagues successively. When flow charts and standards made before were going to be carried out, many colleagues with the deep-rooted thoughts and acting habits of reporting only good news but concealing bad news and asking for instructions when there had problems which were cultivated in former units were not willing to make decisions and afraid of making decisions... Various bad habits kept coming. When standards and flows made before became ineffective rules, Mr. Zhang held an emergency meeting immediately and he severely criticized managers of all departments and asked us to strictly carry out the standards and handle affairs according to the flows. When there was a problem, we should first check whether the flows had mistakes and whether there had standards. If the flows had mistakes, they should be optimized immediately. And if there did not have standards, standards must be established immediately. We should realize draw inferences about other cases from one instance and solve problems from the source instead of tangling in surface to realize high efficiency. In this way, we would never behind problems forever but avoiding many problems. Mr. Zhang hit the mark with a single comment and I was suddenly enlightened as if I found solutions to all problems in a night. What does this example indicate? It indicates that study is very important, but to use what we have studied is more important.


Today, I was just given five minutes to share. Five minutes are really short, but benefits brought by corporate operation cannot be fully shared with three days and three nights.


You can learn more by traveling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books, and you can learn more with guidance of a good teacher than by traveling a thousand miles. I think in this world, about the issue of corporate operation, if Mr. Zhang is the second, no one can be the first. Make flows to liberate managers and make systems to manage enterprises. It is the most luck thing for me to get to know Mr. Zhang.


Thank you for your attention. Benefits of corporate operation cannot be expressed with several words. Only if you follow Mr. Zhang to study, I believe you will have profound inspirations and growth one year later.


I am grateful for my teacher Mr. Zhang Guoxiang!


Wish corporate operation of Ningbo Qilin trading group company a great success!


Thank you everyone!

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