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“Create wonders with wisdom and shine the future”annual meeting

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On August, 28, 2016, at 17:00 o’clock, create wonders with wisdom and shine the futureannual meeting of 2016 of Ningbo Hengzhou trading co., LTD and Jiangbei Haoyu Industrial and Trade co., LTD was held in Jiangdong Shipu Hotel. In the new year, there will have new conditions, new targets and new hope. In the annual meeting, we were thoroughly delighted and expressed our enthusiasm.


Our entrance way was also original since all staff were welcomed with signatures and QR code of We Chat. And all colleagues who attended the annual meeting would have an elaborately prepared gift.


With the exciting opening video and opening dances of staff of MGOU, our annual meeting was opened. And handsome host and beautiful hostess appeared on the stage.


Then, the president of the company Mr. Zhang and the management consultant Mr. Zhang Guoxiang would have a speech.


After the speech of manager Zhang about development projects of the company in 2016 and inspiring words of Mr. Zhang, there would be wonderful programs.



Then, the exciting moment would come. Announcement of outstanding employees of the year.

Gradually, when the annual would close to the end, all people gathered together to tale photos to remember this unforgettable evening.



With the group photos and smiling faces, our annual meeting was ended.


The annual meeting provided a stage to the staff to show themselves. Many quiet colleagues showed their talents and skills. And meanwhile, the meeting had promoted relations between staff and revealed the warm and upward corporate culture of MGOU. It was an unselfish annual meeting where the staff could fully show themselves. At that moment, we forgot heavy works and worries in life but enjoyed it.


The year 2015 had passed. No matter smiles or tears, we would welcome 2016. We were looking forward to it. In 2016, we will be better and MGOU will be better to realize the dream of China and to lead the world trend. Lets us start for our dreams. 

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