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The company train reserve cadres to make them enrich and grow together

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On May, 9, the company organized a training for reserve cadres to make preparations for cultivation of talents of the company. Everyone paid special attention to this training and no one was late or left earlier. They were also very careful in the training and they actively expressed their opinions and participated in interactions.  


In the process of training, to mobilize enthusiasm of the staff, they were divided into different groups to have competitions. To make the group win, everyone filled their minds with visions and ideas. Power of one person is small, but power of a group is strong. And only in a group can individuals give full play to their strong points, learn the best of others and grow. Meanwhile, the integrated manager awarded excellent workers..


On that night, they went to the store in Beilun to listen to visual merchandisers of the planning department to explain knowledge about display. Although they had attended the training for 7 or 8 hours, they were still excited.  


With the stressful and happy training, reserve cadres ended the mentally absorbing actions of the day. As for the reserve cadres, they benefited a lot from the training. I believe in the future, we will learn more in MGOU. However, in the growth process of the company, we are all irrigators and we are obliged to make the company better and stronger. As for all of us, with the help of team, we have made contributions to the development of the company. 

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