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MGOU investment promotion fair

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On March, 17, 2017, interpretation of business models in the field of fashion and packaged mass consumption goods - MGOU investment promotion fair was held in Melia Yangon Inya Ballroom of Burma. President of MGOU, leaders at different levels, deputy secretary general of the American BSE business school in Ningbo, chairman of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce of Burma, the famous star Paing Takhon and more than one hundred of investors at home and abroad attended the fair to witness the original meeting in the retail industry.  


In the meeting, the founder of MGOU Zhang Heng shared detailed plans of MGOU and development prospects in the future, which had aroused discussions of many investors and joint companies. MGOU is a micro retail chain brand which focuses on creative home furnishing, fashionable ornaments and cosmetics, and it has attracted not only investors from different fields but also fashion people. Paing Takhon who is a famous star of Burma has an indissoluble bound with MGOU. Her love to MGOU makes her a spokesperson of MGOU and the signing ceremony with the president of MGOU was held in the site of the investment fair.


The brand MGOU was born in 2015, and then, it started its step of nationwide chain to provide customers with delicate life experience. MGOU always promotes development of the micro retail industry with its remarkable forces and special creativity to provide customers with products and services of high quality.


The investment fair in Burma has expanded strategic layout of MGOU in Burma to forge a top brand of micro retail chain industry of fast fashion while responding to the call “one road and one belt” of Chairman Xi Jinping. It has not only obtain acceptance of various investors but also win support of the chairman of Chinatown Chamber of Commerce of Burma. On the site of the fair, the chairman of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce of Burma and Manager Zhang attended the awarding ceremony, which indicated an acceptance of MGOU without doubt. And I believe MGOU will promote a rapid development of the retail industry in the Southeast Asia in the near future. 




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